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The Facts



The Results

The defendant was traveling on a very wet road behind an officer who was dispatched to follow this vehicle. The car was hydroplaning over puddles and driving extremely fast. The officer was driving up to 75 miles an hour and could not keep up with the defendant’s car. The officer pulled the vehicle over and made contact with the defendant. The officer noticed an odor of alcohol on his breath and when the officer asked him for his license, registration and insurance, the defendant just stared at him with a blank look on his face. The officer had to ask whether he understood what he just asked him for until the defendant gave him his license. The defendant also was making statements about a lost ATM card without being asked about it. Backup arrived and a DUI officer conducted roadsides. During the walk the line, the defendant could not stay in the starting position, made an improper turn, used his arms for balance and took the incorrect number of steps requested by the officer. During the one leg stand, the defendant did not pick his leg up 6 inches off the ground as instructed and was swaying while standing. During the alphabet task, the defendant could not remember the alphabet and made numerous errors reciting it back to him. The defendant admitted to having some drinks and being on his way to a bar. At the breath facility, the defendant refused to take a breath test. Verdict: Not Guilty