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The Facts



The Results

A deputy of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office alleged he observed our client drinking a beer in the parking lot of a bar. The deputy claimed he grabbed our client to arrest him for violating the County’s Open Container Ordinance. The defendant allegedly resisted the deputy’s arrest by striking him in the head and body numerous times. Our client fled to a nearby wooden lot to hide, but was later apprehended by a K-9. Later, out client was alleged to have admitted to “fighting” the deputy. The State Attorney’s Office made a plea offer of 26 months prison to three felony charges. Once hired, Defense Counsel immediately began working on a defense. Through research, Defense Counsel learned that the Defendant did not actually violate the open container ordinance because the particular ordinance only applies to convenience stores and vacant properties, not bars or restaurants. Therefore, the deputy was actually making an illegal arrest. Furthermore, through defense counsel depositions, it was determined there was no evidence of the defendant striking the deputy such as injuries or witness testimony other than that of the deputy himself. Defense Counsel was also able to track down numerous witnesses who were present in the parking lot and could testify favorably for the Defendant. Lastly, Defense Counsel learned that another deputy was fired by the Sheriff for harassing another citizen a few weeks later while using our client’s name as a reference. This fact showed a possible trend of harassment in this particular area and for our client. Defense Counsel set the case for trial and subpoenaed the Sheriff himself to testify in favor of the Defendant’s case. On the day of trial, Defense Counsel convinced the prosecutor to resolve the case with only misdemeanor charges and NO JAIL TIME.