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2014XT1XXX No Conviction As Charged

The Facts

Case #: 2014XT1XXX No Conviction As Charged


The Results

An officer conducted a “well fare check” when he observed our client pulled over on the side of the road apparently looking at his cell phone.   Our client explained to the officer he had pulled over to safely make a phone call to his friend.  The officer claimed to have observed bloodshot eyes, heard slurred speech and smelled an odor of alcohol.  Our client admitted to drinking alcohol but stated he couldn’t recall how many drinks.  The officer said our client had difficulty in locating his documents and was unsteady on his feet upon exiting his car.  The officer claimed our client performed poorly on the roadside exercises and  provided breath results of .202 and .201.  After hiring The Ticket Clinic, counsel was able to suppress the breath evidence.  The State then offered a Reckless Driving charge which was rejected by counsel and the case  was set for trial.  On the day of trial, the State dropped all charges.