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The Facts

Case #: 2015-CT-****


The Results

On August 23, 2015, our client was traveling westbound on State Road 408 at approximately 10 pm. While traveling our client struck an unknown object or vehicle in the roadway and came to a complete stop, her car could not move. An unmarked Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy witnessed our client’s car coming to a stop in the middle of the highway and activated his emergency lights stopping traffic. When backup police officers arrived, they noticed our client was dazed, confused, had bloodshot eyes, slow and slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol. Our client admitted to drinking margaritas at Rocco’s Tacos earlier in the night. After performing field sobriety exercises, the deputy arrested our client and took her to jail. At the jail, our client refused to provide a breath sample. After reviewing the evidence with the State’s prosecutor, showing him the absence of evidence that our client’s driving was at all dangerous, showing they could not prove the crash was her fault, the strengths in her field sobriety exercises and the State not having a breath sample, we were able to get the DUI charge against our client dropped.