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The Facts

Case #: 2015CT00######


The Results

The Client was charged with DUI after crashing into two other vehicles at an intersection. The Officer alleged that the Client's speech was slurred and that he had urinated on a building after the accident. The Officer then arrested the Client for DUI without asking the Defendant to complete Field Sobriety Exercises. Once at the jail the client gave a breath sample over twice the legal limit. This was the Client's third DUI charge. The Firm looked into the case and discovered that while there was no video of the client at the scene, there was video of the Client at the jail. The jail video demonstrated that the Client looked completely sober and not impaired. The Firm also discovered that the Client was diabetic and this could be the reason why the breath sample was so high, but the client did not seem impaired. The Firm found an expert witness to testify on the Client's behalf that the breath machine improperly gave a high breath sample result because the Defendant had diabetes. The expert witness was extremely costly and the Client could not afford said witness. The Firm then argued to the Court that the State should pay for the exert witness. The Court agreed with the Firm that the State should pay for the Client's expert witness. After over a year of work on the case, the week before trial, the State agreed to dismiss the Client's DUI charge.