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The Facts

Case #: 2016-CF-*****


The Results

Our client was stopped for an expired tag violation. During the traffic stop the officer noticed syringes and cotton balls in our client's backseat. Upon further investigation, the officer determined these items to be drug paraphernalia. The officer arrested our client for these items and sent the items to a lab for further testing. Upon returning from the lab, a syringe and cotton ball tested positive for the presence of heroin. The State then upgraded the charges and filed felony possession of heroin charges instead of misdemeanor paraphernalia charges. Our client voluntarily entered into a treatment program while the case was pending. This case also violated our client's previous drug related probation. We worked with the State Attorney and Probation not to arrest our client. After successfully participating in treatment, the State agreed to dismiss the felony charge against our client and his probation was never violated.