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2016 CT ****

The Facts

Case #: 2016 CT ****


The Results

Our client was allegedly at fault in a hit and run accident. The other vehicle involved took a picture of our client's license plate as he left the scene and called police. A Trooper from the Florida Highway Patrol responded and tracked our client back to his home using the plate provided by the other driver. Our client's vehicle was parked in the driveway and had noticeable damage to it consistent with the accident the witness described.The Trooper subsequently charged our client with a criminal offense for Leaving the Scene of an Accident. The State's initial offer to our client was an adjudication of guilt, and a $400 fine which would have led to 6 points being added to our client's license. We began working on the case trying to exclude any evidence we believed was improperly obtained and arguing that a photo of a license plate could not prove who the actual driver of the vehicle was. We also brought in evidence that insurance had already repaired the damage to the other car completely and that driver was not out of pocket any money. Based on all of these reasons, the State dropped the criminal charge against our client.