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2016 CT ****

The Facts

Case #: 2016 CT ****


The Results

Our client was charged with Reckless Driving after a police officer allegedly clocked him at 140 mph in a 70 mph zone on I-4 around 3am. In court, the attorney argued the officer failed to show how our client's alleged high speed driving in the early hours of the morning without more rose to the level of reckless driving. The State argued that the level of the speed alone was enough to prove that our client was in fact driving recklessly as a matter of driving twice the speed limit. We presented arguments to the court that there was no indication in any report or citation that our client's driving put any other person at risk or in danger and was insufficient to sustain the charge. The Judge asked the State if there was any evidence any other motorists were at risk, and when the State responded that they did not know, the Judge replied, "Well then the Defense's argument seems to be right, don't ya think?" The State responded by dismissing the case against our client.