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The Facts

Case #: 2016-ct-xxxxxxx


The Results

On Saturday, January 2, 2016, at approximately 1:47 am a driver was traveling westbound on Busch Blvd, preparing to enter the Dale Mabry ramp, when the defendant walked up and asked him to help with his motorcycle that had just crashed. The witness then did a U-turn and got behind the Defendant who was standing over his motorcycle on the outside lane of Busch Blvd. As another vehicle was passing by the Defendant, the Defendant stumbled and fell onto the hood of the vehicle's car. The first witness then took the keys to the motorcycle because he felt the Defendant was "three sheets to the wind". The two witnesses would not return the keys to the Defendant since they felt he was too drunk to drive. The Defendant then started trying to walk his motorcycle away from the scene when the Hillsborough County Deputy arrived. The Defendant refused to perform field sobriety exercises and was then arrested for DUI. The Defendant also refused to provide a breath sample.

Result: The state dropped the DUI charge after discussion with the firm about the sufficiency of the evidence.