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The Facts

Case #: 2016-######DB


The Results

Client was initially stopped and removed from his car at gunpoint on suspicion of fleeing & eluding after a brief pursuit by police led to the Client running a stop sign at a high rate of speed, almost hitting a marked police car, and then crashing into a curb (damaging his wheel and flattening his tire). Further investigation led to the Client's arrest for DUI, and he provided breath samples of .149/.142. Review of police video revealed errors in the investigating officers' administration of field sobriety exercises, and demonstrated extreme cooperation on the part of the Client. Investigation by defense counsel revealed that the Client, who worked at a car dealership, would lose his job if he were convicted of DUI. State attorney was convinced to drop all DUI charges based on the cumulative effect of the investigative errors, the Clients cooperation with investigating officers, and mitigation regarding the impact of a DUI conviction on the Client's employment status and ability to provide for his family.