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The Facts

Case #: 2016-XXX30X


The Results

Our client was allegedly speeding in his boat in a no wake zone. FWC stopped his boat, and ultimately arrested our client for BUI. Our client had 8 prior DUIs. As a result, the State was seeking extensive penalties, including but not limited to significant jail time. The judge had indicated that any resolution of the case, needed to include signifcant jail time in order to be accepted by the Court. During the discovery process, we carefully analyzed the arresting officer's claims. We filed a Motion to Suppress, challenging the officer's credibility and his actions during the arrest. At the hearing, our lawyer thoroughly cross-examined the arresting officer and was able to establish that the officer acted improperly and jumped to conclusions. The Judge agreed with our position, granted the Motion to Suppress, and the BUI evidence was excluded. The state had no choice but to completely drop the BUI charge, and the judge dismissed the boating (speed) citation as well.