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The Facts

Case #: 2016####6


The Results

Client was charged with DUI and Open Container after he was allegedly found in his Jeep in a parking lot of a strip club revving the engine loudly and causing the vehicle to lurch forward almost striking a police officer. Officers report that they had to forcibly remove client from the car. Officers also reported that client had an open, cold beer in the center console of the Jeep. Client admitted to drinking nine beers, he had a strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech and had bloodshot eyes. Client was reportedly uncooperative and using vulgar language towards police which was captured on video. Once The Ticket Clinic was hired, counsel was able to determine no car keys were impounded with the client’s property thereby causing reasonable doubt as to whether client was in actual physical control of the Jeep. Furthermore, counsel determined the evidence showed the client was not actually holding nor consuming the alcoholic beverage at the time of the incident, therefore he was improperly charged with Open Container. Counsel took the case to a Jury Trial. All six jurors agreed with The Ticket Clinic and found client NOT GUILTY on ALL COUNTS.