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The Facts

Case #: 2016#####8


The Results

The Client got into a small accident, had his passenger speak with the other party involved in the accident and then left the scene. The Client then shortly afterward stopped at a gas station next to the intersection where the accident occurred. An Officer that had been called to the scene made contact with the Client at said gas station. The Officer observed signs of possible impairment with the Client and requested he do some sobriety exercises. The Client then performed some of the sobriety exercises but refused to cooperate futher. The Officer then arrested the Client and took him to the Breath Alcohol Testing center. While at said facility the Client was asked to provide a breath sample which he refused. He was then charged with DUI and Leaving the Scene of the Accident. The Firm discovered that the gas station was extremley close to the accident scene and that the accident involved almost no damage to either vehicle. Because of the aforementioned mitigating factors, as well as the lack of evidence and lack of the clients prior criminal record, the State agreed to dismiss the DUI and the Leaving the Scene of the Accident charge.