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The Facts

Case #: 2016CT00####


The Results

The Officer involved in the case received a call that there was a possible drunk driver that was in a white Ford pickup truck. When the Officer arrived he noticed the vehicle still at the designated location. The Officer attempted to have the Client exit his vehicle but he did not and drove around the Officer. The Officer was able to conduct a traffic stop shortly down the road. The Officer requested the Client to submit to roadside sobriety exercises. The Client did not do poorly on the exercises and then later refused to give a breath sample when he was arrested for DUI. The Firm reviewed the video in the matter, which showed that the Client did not seem as impaired as initially indicated by the officer. This fact combined with the facts that the Client did not give a breath sample and that he had a complete lack of a criminal record led the State Attorneys Office to agree to dismiss the DUI charge.