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The Facts

Case #: 2016CT00#####


The Results

The Client was stopped by police because she had passed out in a turn lane on the road. She smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech. The officer requested her to do roadside exercises and she refused. The client was then arrested and transported to the Breath Alcohol Testing Facility. While there she was asked to do a breath test, which she also refused. There was limited evidence in the case against the client, however because she had made false accusations that she was assaulted at the jail by police, the State initially refused to dismiss the DUI charge. The Firm approached the State and argued that the State should reconsider dropping the DUI charge because of the combined factors of no roadside exercises, no breath sample, and no prior record. The State and The Firm came to an agreement to have part of the deal require the Client to simply write letters of apology to the officers and the State would dismiss the DUI charge.