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The Facts

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The Results

The Client was having a medical issue in his car that was parked in his doctor's office driveway. The Officer stated he made contact with the Client because he was improperly parked and blocking the driveway. Once the Officer made contact he noticed that the Client seemed impaired. The Client admitted to inhaling the contents of a nearby aerosol can and taking barbiturates. He performed sobriety exercises and was then transported to the hospital for a blood test. After giving the blood test he was charged with DUI and inhaling a chemical substance. The Firm thoroughly investigated the case and ultimately discovered that the detention of the Client may have been improper as well as the blood draw that showed he had chemical and controlled substances in his system. The Firm filed a motion to suppress the stop as well as the blood test. Before the motion could be argued the State agreed to dismiss the DUI charge and the inhalation charge.