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The Facts

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The Results

The Client went through the drive thru at a local McDonalds when the workers there noticed that he seemed to be impaired. The workers flagged down a local Deputy who stopped the Client. Once stopped the Officers detected an odor of alcohol on the Client, that he had slurred speech, and empty bottles of Jim Beam in his vehicle. When the Officer's made contact with the Client it took him three tries to get his keys out of the ignition. Before he began to do the roadside sobriety exercises the client stated his chest hurt and that he was having trouble breathing. The Client was then transported to the hospital. While at the hospital the Client was asked to submit to a blood test, which he consented to. Once the blood sample was tested it was discovered that the Client had a blood alcohol content of .294. The Client was charged with a second offense DUI with enhanced blood alcohol levels. The Firm immediately noticed that the blood sample was taken illegally and deposed the officer in question. The Firm then showed the State Attorney's office what it had discovered with regards to the illegal blood draw and, after extensive negotiating, the State agreed to dismiss the DUI.