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The Facts

Case #: 2017-0XXXXXX4


The Results

Osceola County. The client received a frantic telephone call from his fiancé who was 8 months pregnant with their first child. She had just been involved in a traffic crash. When the client arrived on scene a heated argument took place between the client and the other driver involved. When the police arrived on scene they ordered our client to leave the area because he was not involved in the crash. The client refused to leave the scene and was placed under arrest for resisting an officer without violence. After the consultation Ticket Clinic attorneys reached out to the state attorney in an attempt to get the case dismissed based upon common sense. The state refused, the states offer was an adjudication of guilt, probation, and several classes. Not satisfied, the Ticket Clinic attorney filed a motion to dismiss the charge based upon the order giving by the officer being unlawful. After presenting the state with case law and laying out the facts the charges were dismissed before the motion could be heard.