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The Facts

Case #: 2017CT0######


The Results

The Client was stopped by law enforcement after a tipster called in information indicating that the person driving a silver Volvo with their license plate number was intoxicated. The Officer then stopped the Client's silver Volvo and determined that the driver was impaired, and after performing poorly on sobriety exercises, transported him to the jail. At the jail the Client gave a breath sample that was over 4 times that legal limit. Because this was the Client's second DUI within 3 years the State was seeking a significant amount of jail. The Firm was retained by the Client to handle the case. The Firm deposed the officer in the case and was able to get the officer to testify that the only information he had about the Client's vehicle was that it was a silver Volvo, and nothing else, not even a license plate number. The Firm filed a motion to suppress all the evidence in the case based upon a bad stop of the Client's vehicle. However, before the motion could be heard the State agreed to dismiss the DUI charge.