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The Facts

Case #: 2017CT0#####


The Results

The Client was arrested for DUI after she was found in her vehicle sleeping in her vehicle, with the engine running, in the middle of I-95. The Officer observed signs of impairment and ordered her out of the vehicle. At this point the Officer requested that she complete field sobriety exercises. The Client performed poorly on the exercises and was then arrested for DUI. Once at the Breath Alcohol Testing facility she gave a breath sample over twice the legal limit. The Firm immediately began an investigation into the case looking for any issues that may help the client's case. The Firm spoke with the State Attorney's office and pointed out that the Client was exceptionally cooperative and also did not have any prior criminal history. In addition, it was up to the jury to determine whether the Client was in actual physical control of the vehicle, and because the Client was sleeping there was an argument to be made. The State agreed and dismissed the DUI charge.