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The Facts

Case #: 2017CT00######


The Results

The Client was stopped for making a u-turn on a red light. Once stopped the Officer noticed signs of impairment and had the Client complete roadside sobriety exercises. The Client performed poorly and was then arrested for DUI and for not having a valid license. Once arrested the Client gave a breath sample that was nearly twice the legal limit. The Firm immediately began investigating the case and discovered that the Client was extremely cooperative and did not have a prior criminal record. The State still refused to dismiss the DUI case as the State argued that the fact that the Client was driving on a suspended license was an aggravating factor. The Firm investigated the suspension and discovered that the suspension was for a lapse of insurance on the Client's behalf, which was an error on the part of the insurance company. Once this information was brought to the attention of the State Attorney's Office they agreed to dismiss the DUI.