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The Facts

Case #: 2018CT****


The Results

Our client was allegedly driving on Interstate 4 merging on to the 528 Expressway. While entering on to the 528 it was alleged that our client sideswiped another vehicle. The other driver called the police and reported to them that our client immediately fled after impact. When questioned by the Florida Highway Patrol, our client stated that both parties agreed there was no damage and didn't need to contact authorities. The Florida Highway Patrol cited our client for careless driving and a criminal charge of leaving the scene of an accident without providing information. After hiring The Ticket Clinic, our attorneys began reviewing the witness statements and found critical information about the witnesses and their likelihood not to appear for a trial. The Office of the State Attorney announced prepared for trial and the Defendant, along with his attorney from The Ticket Clinic also announced ready. After calling up a jury, the State realized the what our attorney knew the entire time, and after announcing prepared for trial, could not ask the Judge for a continuance. The State dismissed the criminal charge against our client and the Judge dismissed the traffic ticket for careless driving.