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The Facts

Case #: 2018CT*******


The Results

The client was stopped because his vehicle was swerving all over the road. Once stopped law enforcement felt that the Client seemed to be impaired by alcohol. The officers ordered the Client out of the car where they noticed that it appeared the Client had urinated on himself, even though the officers had no way of knowing this for certain. The Client performed poorly on the field sobriety exercises and was arrested. During an inventory search of the vehicle, the police discovered marijuana and several felony level controlled substances. The Client was arrested for DUI and felony drug possession. Once at the jail the Client gave a breath sample that was twice the legal limit. The Firm immediately filed a letter with the State Attorney's office, showing them that another individual that was in the car earlier in the day was taking responsibility for the illegal items. The State agreed to dismiss all felony counts and the misdemeanor marijuana possession. All that remained was the DUI. The Firm continued to work the case and finally convinced the State that there may be an issue with the stop of the Client, the Client's record was completely clean, and the Client was extremely cooperative with law enforcement. Finally the State agreed to dismiss the DUI charge.