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The Facts

Case #: 2018CT#######


The Results

The Client was found passed out in his vehicle in the intersection by law enforcement. It took law enforcement some time to get the Client to wake up. Once the Client awakened, the Officer noticed indicators of impairment and stated that the Client admitted to drinking an entire bottle of vodka by himself. The Client was asked to submit to sobriety exercises, which he refused. He was then arrested and taken to jail where he also refused to provide a breath sample. The Firm thoroughly investigated the case and discovered that there was no roadside video and the Client looked good on the video while at the jail. The Firm informed the State that there was simply not enough evidence to prove impairment, other than the initial contact and statements, which couldn't be shown to the jury because there was no video. The State, after several months of back and forth conversations and hearings, finally agreed to dismiss the DUI.