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The Facts

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The Results

The Client was Charged with DUI after he was stopped for speeding. Once the Client was stopped the Officer immediately noticed signs of impairment by alcohol. The Client performed poorly on the roadside exercises and was then arrested for DUI. Once at the jail the Client refused to provide a breath sample. In addition, at the time of the Client's arrest he was still on bond for another previous DUI he had received no more than two months prior. Because the Client had two open DUI counts the Court had revoked his bond on his first DUI, and the Client was stuck in jail. The Firm was able to get the Client out of jail on both DUI charges. However, the State was requesting a significant amount of additional jail to resolve both DUI charges. The Firm investigated both charges and discovered that while one DUI charge was an extremely poor case for the Client, the other case was actually quite good for the Client to take to trial. The State agreed and dismissed the Client's second DUI case and resolved the other to no jail.