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The Facts

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The Results

The Client was leaving work late at night when he decided to stop at a gas station and buy two beers, one of which he decided to drink in the vehicle on his way back to his hotel. Another driver noticed the client swerving and called 911. An officer stopped the Client for swerving and immediately noticed the beer and signs of impairment. The Officer had the Client conduct two sobriety exercises: the walk and turn exercise, and the one leg stand exercise, despite the Client informing the Officer that he had a bad leg from a military injury. The Client was then arrested for DUI and transported to the jail where he refused to give a breath sample, but did admit to drinking. The Firm investigated the case and discovered that the Officer only had a video of the incident
at the jail, and not at the scene, where the exercises were conducted. The jail video simply had the client sitting still and calmly explaining his situation to the Officer. The Firm requested that the State dismiss the case because there wasn't enough evidence to show the Client was impaired. The State refused so the Firm set the case for trial. The Firm tried the case and exposed several inconsistencies in the State's case and also an overall complete lack of evidence to show that the Client was impaired. The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty in 35 minutes.