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2018ct###### – DUI & Possession Charge Dismissed

The Facts

Case #: 2018ct###### – DUI & Possession Charge Dismissed


The Results

The client was charged with DUI after being stopped for swerving his vehicle across the roadway and almost hitting surrounding vehicles. The officer observed an odor of alcohol and marijuana in the vehicle and found marijuana in the vehicle as well. The client was asked to submit to sobriety exercises which he performed well. The officer arrested the Client anyways and had him submit to a breath sample, which resulted in a negative reading. The client was then asked to submit to a urine test, which showed multiple drugs in the clients system.  The client also admitted to being impaired at a 5 on a scale of 1 - 10. The firm set this case for trial multiple times over the course of the pandemic based on the fact that the video of the client looked good, despite the evidence that he was under the influence of drugs. The State consistently refused to dismiss the DUI on multiple instances. Finally, when the case was set to have a trial date, after almost four years, the state dismissed the DUI and the possession of marijuana charge.