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The Facts

Case #: 2018MM****


The Results

Our client holds a CDL and was driving a semi truck through Lake Mary when he was going over railroad tracks. The railroad track arms came down on the back of the client's truck and snapped off. A driver following the truck called 911 and reported our client for leaving the scene of an accident. A member of the local Police Department caught up with our client while he was making a delivery and issued him a criminal citation for leaving the scene of an accident carrying with it 6 points and likely a suspension of his commercial driver's license. The Office also issued him a civil citation for careless driving, carrying with it another potential for 4 points to be issued. After traveling to the scene with the client and taking videos of the malfunctioning railroad cross arms we showed the State the issues and they agreed to drop the criminal charge. The Judge however, refused to dismiss the citation for careless driving and it was set for a hearing. After the hearing, the careless driving charge was finally dismissed.