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The Facts

Case #: 2019-**-****


The Results

Our client was driving his commercial motor vehicle, a semi truck pulling a trailer, when he collided with a car exiting a parking lot. Our client continued traveling on the roadway to make his first delivery. Within an hour, the client was stopped by a member of the Florida Highway Patrol and questioned about the accident. Our client denied knowledge of an accident. The Trooper observed damage consistent with the other driver's version of events. The Trooper cited our client with a 2nd degree misdemeanor criminal violation for leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging information and a moving violation for careless driving. A plea to this offense, regardless of conviction, would have led to the client's commercial license being suspended for a period of one year. Additionally, these two tickets carry a total of 10 points. After presenting mitigation to the State, including our client's driving record and valid insurance information, the State agreed to drop the criminal charge and the Judge dismissed the moving violation. Our client is no longer facing any sanctions to his commercial license or his job.