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The Facts

Case #: 2019-CT-00****-*-*


The Results

The client was pulled over for weaving. The officer noticed signs of impairment and subsequently requested my client perform roadside sobriety exercises. The Client was arrested and charged with this second offense DUI. When the Ticket Clinic attorney reviewed the case, the attorney elected to file a Motion to Suppress attempting to restrict the evidence the state could present in trial. On the date of the motion to suppress the State requested a last minute continuance – the cases were continued to another motion to suppress date. The day before the second motion to suppress the assistant state attorney reached out to the Ticket clinic attorney and offered to amend the charge to Reckless Driving. After discussing a strategy with the client we elected to turn down that offer and move forward with the suppression hearing. The client made a wise decision, on the morning the motion to suppress the State of Florida without explanation completely dropped the case.