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The Facts

Case #: 2019CF########


The Results

The Defendant was charged with Aggravated Battery after his father and another co-defendant showed up to a business and were involved in a fight with the business owner.  The alleged victim, the business owner,  fell to the ground where it was alleged that all the co defendants and the client allegedly kicked the alleged victim in the head causing an injury that caused him to need stitches.  The Firm was retained and immediately began the case by deposing all the witnesses that saw the incident occur.  Hours of testimony were taken by the Firm, and it was finally established that the State couldn’t show with certainty that the Client himself was the one that caused the serious injury to the victim.  In addition, the “serious injury” in question turned out not to be as serious as alleged.  As a result of the above information and the Firm’s efforts, the State agreed to dismiss all charges.