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2019cf####0 | Impersonating an officer & Reckless Driving

The Facts

Case #: 2019cf####0 | Impersonating an officer & Reckless Driving


The Results

The client was stopped by a Florida State Trooper after he was driving over the speed limit and weaving through other traffic. Once stopped and in the back of the troopers car he allegedly stated he was a lieutenant in the fire department, which he was not.  The firm was hired and immediately made contact with the Assistant State Attorney in the matter to discuss the case. The State informed the firm that the Client, based upon a significant prior criminal history, scored mandatory prison for a term around 5 years. The Firm deposed the trooper in the case and discovered that a video did exist detailing the entire event.  However once counsel attempted to obtain said video it was admitted by law enforcement that the video was prematurely deleted. As a result the firm filed a motion to dismiss the case. Based upon the high probability that the firm would succeed on said motion the State agreed to resolve the case without the Client having to do any jail.