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The Facts

Case #: 2019CT####### | Palm Beach DUI Lawyer


The Results

The Client was charged with DUI after he allegedly rear ended another car in the drive thru at a local taco bell. The Police then arrived on scene and did a DUI investigation. After the Client performed poorly on the sobriety exercises he was subsequently arrested and charged with his second DUI within a period of five years. The State offered at least 60 days in jail and a five year license suspension, among other penalties, to resolve the case. The Firm investigated the case and discovered that there was no damage to the alleged victim’s car, which indicated there may not be an accident at all. Because of this fact the Firm and the State tried to jointly speak with the alleged victim, but were unable to locate the alleged victim. Because of this evidentiary problem the State agreed with the Firm’s assertion that the DUI should be dismissed, and subsequently dropped the DUI.