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2019CT####6## | DUI Case Win

The Facts

Case #: 2019CT####6## | DUI Case Win


The Results

The Client was involved in an accident and once police arrived on scene they noticed he seemed impaired.  The Officers weren’t sure if he was under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol, but after doing a brief investigation they observed an odor of alcohol and the Client admitted to taking various controlled substances.  Law enforcement got a urine same which then confirmed the controlled substances.  The Firm was hired and began negotiating with the State Attorney’s Office which did not want to dismiss the DUI without suspending the Client’s license.  The Firm pointed out that the Client was extremely cooperative and also had no prior criminal history and was only on the medication for strictly medical reasons, and an expert may be able to testify that the Client didn’t feel much of an impairment effect from said medications.  The State eventually agreed and dismissed the DUI without requiring the Client’s license to be suspended.