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The Facts

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The Results

A vehicle was stopped by the Delray Police Department for having its headlights and taillights off during evening hours. Upon making contact with the driver, the officer observed that the driver appeared impaired as she had slow comprehension, slurred speech and glassy and bloodshot eyes. The driver also was unable to maintain her balance upon exiting her vehicle. After admitting to having a glass of wine and several shots, the driver was asked to perform field sobriety exercises to dispel the officer’s belief that the driver was impaired by alcohol. During the exercises, the driver swayed and used her arms for balance and did not complete some of the exercises properly. The defendant was arrested and a breath test revealed that the driver had an illegal amount of alcohol in her system to be driving. The driver turned to The Ticket Clinic for representation. The DUI charge was ultimately dismissed and the driver avoided having to place an interlock device in her car and avoided an additional license suspension.