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The Facts

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The Results

The Client was charged with Driving Under the Influence above a .15 with property damage after he drove his beautiful Camaro into a telephone poll. The driver of the vehicle walked up hill to improve his cellphone service to call for help. A trooper arrived on scene and located the driver 1/2 mile up the road. The trooper observed all of the signs of impairment. Our client performed Field Sobriety Exercises, that were captured on video. The Client consented to a breath test. The client was taken to the hospital and cleared. Six hours after the accident, the client submitted a sample of his breath, .195 and .184 BAC. The Ticket Clinic Attorney fought the case by filing a motion to suppress based upon corpus delicti and staleness of the breath sample. The State’s evidence was successfully attacked and they were forced to reduce the charge to reckless driving with property damage, not-alcohol related.