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The Facts

Case #: 2020CFXXXXX


The Results

Possession of False ID (Felony) x2

Our client, a double major college student under the age of 21, was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for speeding.  The driver admitted to police that he possessed drugs in his bag  located in the passenger compartment of the car.  The officer found the drugs and arrested the driver.  Our client the passenger, was instructed by police to exit the vehicle.  An officer searched our client’s purse and found two fake identifications.  Our client was arrest and charged with two felonies for possessing the fake IDs.  Upon our client’s hire, the Firm’s attorney analyzed the facts and law and determined the officer had violated the rights of our client as the search was unlawful.  The attorney immediately drafted a letter detailing the legal analysis to the prosecutor.  The prosecutor agreed with the attorney’s analysis and DISMISSED all charges.