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2021-CT-****22 – DUI Case Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 2021-CT-****22 – DUI Case Dropped


The Results

Police witnessed our client drive through a red light and initiated a traffic stop of the car. As the police followed they witnessed the car swerving multiple times. Upon making contact with the driver, police noticed the odor of alcohol coming from the driver who admitted to drinking rum that night. Documentation for the car was requested and the driver had a hard time finding it as he searched through his car. A DUI officer responded and began a DUI investigation. Roadside exercises were requested and performed. According to police the performance was poor and the driver was arrested for DUI. A breath test was requested after the arrest which registered a .177 and .166. After Ticket Clinic lawyers working on the defense for 6 months, the State finally agreed to drop the DUI.