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2021-CT-****8AXXX – DUI Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 2021-CT-****8AXXX – DUI Dropped


The Results

Police responded to a parked car outside of a bar. The occupant was rummaging through her purse as the officers approached. The keys to the car were in between the seat and center console. As the driver exited a car there was an open IPA car in her possession. The driver admitted to drinking. Roadside exercises were offered and completed. Independent witnesses say they saw the occupant drive the car earlier and hit a curb. She also had a lip injury as a result of a recent fall that night.  After the arrest, a breath test was requested. The results were .140, .141.  After working on the file for close to a year, Ticket Clinic lawyers were able to convince the State to drop this DUI charge.