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2021CF00XXX1 – Possession of Cocaine Case Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 2021CF00XXX1 – Possession of Cocaine Case Dropped


The Results

Our client was arrested after her passenger crashed a car while drinking and driving. While on the scene, an acquaintance appeared prior to law enforcement to assist with the crash. Ms. Ross was eventually arrested after cocaine was found in the vehicle. Upon being searched, methamphetamines were discovered in her purse. The cocaine was dropped easily as we were able to prove constructive possession. However, the State picked up the methamphetamines charge. After months of pouring over the dash and body cameras, the attorney from The Ticket Clinic was able to establish a timeline showing that the client was detained with a different purse, and that the 3rd party had access to the other purse in which the drugs were located.  After setting the case for a deposition to have the officer testify and corroborate the our view point, the State dropped the case prior to conducting them.