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 2021ct#####6# DUI Charge Dropped

The Facts

Case #:  2021ct#####6# DUI Charge Dropped


The Results

The Client was involved in an accident in an apartment complex. The Police were called to the scene and discovered that the Client was impaired by alcohol.  After doing a DUI investigation the Client was arrested and transported to jail.  While at the jail the Client provided a breath sample that was twice the legal limit.  The Firm investigated the case and discovered that no one was hurt in the accident and that there may be some lack of evidence issues with respect to the driving element of the case.  The State would not drop the DUI charge based on the fact that there was significant damage alleged to have been done to the apartment complex.  The Firm investigated this issue and discovered that the damage was actually minimal and that the Client could afford to fix the issues.  After the Firm had several discussions on the matter, the State finally agreed to dismiss the DUI charge once an agreement was reached on the amount of money needed to fix the apartment complex.