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 2021ct######9 DUI Case Dropped

The Facts

Case #:  2021ct######9 DUI Case Dropped


The Results

The Client was stopped for swerving and almost hitting other traffic.  Once stopped it was discovered that she had her 3 year old son in the vehicle.  Upon smelling the odor of alcohol on the Client she was immediately ordered out of the vehicle and asked to complete DUI sobriety exercises.  After doing the exercises the Client was arrested for DUI but refused to give a breath sample.  The Firm immediately ordered the video for the Client’s DUI stop.  The video showed that the Client did exceptionally well on the exercises.  The Firm argued to the State Attorney that the Officers likely over-reacted to the fact that there was a child in the vehicle and arrested the Client on very little evidence of DUI.  The State refused to drop the DUI charge.  The Firm set the case for trial and shortly before trial the State finally agreed to drop the DUI charge.