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 2021MMXXXXX – Resisting Arrest Not Guilty Verdict

The Facts

Case #:  2021MMXXXXX – Resisting Arrest Not Guilty Verdict


The Results

Resisting Arrest Without Violence, Disposed at trial on 6/9/2022. Our client was arrested for resisting arrest without violence when an officer attempted to pull her over for an arguable traffic infraction. Upon the officer initiating his lights, our client drove less than a mile to pull over on a side street of a busy highway. The street and location happened to be her own home. This was for her own safety as there were witnesses present to monitor the stop. Being confused on why she was being pulled over and the a officer’s aggressive nature, she stepped out the car and started questioning him. Back up officers arrived, escalated the situation, and then arrested her. The Attorney for The Ticket Clinic was able to apply the self-defense clams in a typical battery to this resisting charge. With the support of caselaw stating, “individuals are entitled to resist and unlawful arrest or command”, the Courts added a special jury instruction advising the jurors of that right. In less than one hour, the jury came back with a verdict of NOT GUILTY.