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2022-CT-002***AXXX – DUI Charge Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 2022-CT-002***AXXX – DUI Charge Dropped


The Results

Local police responded to a call regarding a sick/impaired driver who was slumped over the steering wheel. Upon arrival, the police witnesses bystanders knocking on the driver's side windows.  Fire rescue was there as well trying to wake the occupant of the car. Eventually, the driver awoke and appeared to be confused. Officers noticed the odor of alcohol coming from the car, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. A DUI unit responded and began a DUI investigation. The driver appeared to be unsteady as he exited his car. The driver admitted to drinking vodka  hours earlier. Roadside exercises were requested and performed. According to the officer, the performance was poor. After the arrest, a breath test registered a result of .117.  Ticket Clinic lawyers took over the case and began negotiations with the State Attorney's office. Eventually, the State agreed to drop the DUI charge and the driver was able to keep the DUI off of his record.