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2022-CT-****13 – DUI Charge Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 2022-CT-****13 – DUI Charge Dropped


The Results

Our client was seen speeding (80/50 mph) by police and was pulled over. Additionally, the vehicle was weaving. Upon making contact and checking the ID of the driver, the driver stared and appeared by be "spaced out". The drivers eyes were glassy, his speech appeared to be slurred and the odor of alcohol was coming from the driver. After exiting the car, roadside exercises were performed on video. After a poor performance (according to the police) the driver was arrested for DUI. A vape pen was discovered post-arrest. A breath test was requested and agreed to which results in a reading of .092. Ticket Clinic lawyers took over the case and negotiated with the State. Ultimately, the State agreed to drop the DUI charge.