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2022CT#######1 DUI Dismissed

The Facts

Case #: 2022CT#######1 DUI Dismissed


The Results

The Client was stopped for running a red light while speeding at 74 mph.  After being stopped law enforcement noticed an odor alcohol and thought the Defendant may be impaired.  A DUI investigation was then conducted and the officer noted that the Client made several mistakes.  The Client was then arrested for DUI and transported to the Breath Alcohol Testing Center where he provided a breath sample that did not indicate a presumption that the Client was not impaired.  A urine test was also collected.  The Firm immediately took the case and contacted the State Attorney's office and indicated that because the urine test was going to come back clean and the rest of the evidence was not strong for the State, that the charges should be dismissed before the case progressed past arraignment.  The State agreed and the case was dismissed.