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The Facts

Case #: 2022MMXX9


The Results

Our client was charged with one count of trespassing in Columbia County. Our client is a landlord who has multiple properties in Columbia County. One of our client's tenant's was in default on his contract and per our client's contract he was allowed to go to the property to preserve it. The aggrieved tenant filed a complaint alleging that our client trespassed on the property. The State unaware of the whole situation filed charges and an arrest warrant was issued. Time was essential to our client who did not want to spend time incarcerated for going onto a property he owned and had a right to be on. Using our relationship with the SAO we were able to provide extensive mitigation to the State showing that our client owned the property, that there was a contract for this property, and that the tenant was in default. The State immediately announced a Nolle Prosequi. Case closed!!