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202X1CTXX8 – DUI Case Dismissed

The Facts

Case #: 202X1CTXX8 – DUI Case Dismissed


The Results

Our client was arrested and charged with driving under the influence(DUI) with accident or property damage. On the night of the incident our client and was enjoying an evening out when she took a sip of a drink offered to her. After taking only one sip of this drink our client started to lose balance and experienced disorientation. Our client was helped to their car and shortly after was involved in a one car accident. Police arrived on scene and arrested our client for DUI. After our client's arrest our client agreed to provide a breath sample and urine sample. The results of these tests showed that our client was not under the influence of alcohol or any substance that could explain her loss of balance and disorientation. After reviewing our clients case we put forth the defense of involuntary intoxication. After the State analyzed our defense and the evidence of the case they agreed to dismiss all charges!