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The Facts

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The Results

An Officer responded to a call of a driver who was passed out behind the wheel of his pickup truck in the drive through lane of a fast food restaurant. Upon awakening the driver, the officer noticed that he had glassy and bloodshot eyes and that there were beer cans in the bed of the pickup truck. The driver initially made vague statements about where he was coming from and said he drank a few beers at a friend’s house. The officer also noted that the driver seemed sluggish and uncoordinated. Based on the officer’s observations, the officer asked the driver to perform roadside exercises to determine if he was impaired by alcohol. Upon exiting the vehicle to perform the exercises, the officer noted that the driver was unsteady on his feet and swaying. After performing poorly on the roadside exercises, including swaying and losing his balance, the driver was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. The driver submitted to a breath test, which showed that he was well-over the legal limit to drive. The driver then retained The Ticket Clinic to defend him on the DUI charge. Upon discussions with the State Attorney assigned to the case, the Driving Under the Influence charge was reduced to Reckless Driving and the client avoided a further license suspension and criminal conviction on his record.