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The Facts

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The Results

A concerned motorist contacted the police to report a driver of a pickup truck driving all over the road and unable to maintain his lane of travel on Interstate 95. An officer who happened to be driving on Interstate 95 observed the pickup truck failing to maintain his lane and, at one point, the pickup truck cut the officer off. After initiating a stop of the pickup truck on Interstate 95, a trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol was called to the scene to conduct an investigation. Upon approaching the vehicle, the trooper noticed a strong odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath and that the driver had glassy and bloodshot eyes and his speech was slurred. The driver admitted to drinking two alcoholic beverages. Believing that the driver may be impaired by alcohol, the trooper asked the driver to perform roadside exercises to determine if he was impaired. The driver performed poorly on the exercises including one exercise that had to be stopped because the driver was extremely unsteady on his feet. The trooper subsequently arrested the driver and requested that he submit to a breath test to which the driver refused. The driver was subsequently charged with Driving Under the Influence. After hiring The Ticket Clinic, the DUI charge was dismissed by the State Attorney and resolved to a Reckless Driving, which prevented the client from receiving a DUI conviction on his record and a further license suspension.